Cat Drinking Faucets
My Cat Only Drinks From the Faucet
By Marilyn Krieger | Posted: October 16, 2009, 3 a.m. EDT Q: My cat, Poodle Girl, will only drink water out of the bathroom faucet. She refuses to drink out of her water bowl even when I put it in front of her. I can't leave the faucet on for her all day.
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Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats
Keep your kitty healthy and hydrated with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats. This innovative cat water fountain is ideal for your feline friends who prefer drinking from dripping faucets or are prone to urinary tract infections and kidney disorders. The Drinkwell cat drinking fountain creates a continuously flowing water source for your pet.
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Cat drinking water from faucet| Funny video
Cat drinking water from a faucet
Does Your Cat Drink From The Water Faucet?
If you find that your cat runs to the sink everytime she hears you turn on the water faucet don't be surprised. Most cats prefer running water to water that is standing still, such as that found in their water bowl.
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